It’s part 2 of the anniversary show and there’s more mayhem. J. Chris Newberg plugs in and rocks out his musical comedy. We do more shots and the whole thing begins to unravel. The capper is a ferocious, hilarious roasting by PJ. Corey and Joel take it right between the eyes as the big guy spills his hatred all over the stage. PJ saves his best for German superfan, Nils; who traveled all the way across the Atlantic to hear Nazi jokes. Also, Sal Demilio entertains, we meet Bart – the owner of Club Bart, Bill Bushart sits down and girls take their tops off, or do they? It’s a booty-shaking finale to the best night ever.
Right click here to download – 73 minutes, 29 megs
Sal performs (top) and PJ enjoys a brewski (below)