Joel and Corey are fired up after watching the Buffalo Bills destroy the New York Jets at Ford Field in Detroit. They have a lot to say about the game, which was collection of guys that aren’t popular in Detroit, including two former coaches who nobody likes now. Hear about the guys’ exploits at the stadium, as football is more fun when the tickets are free and you don’t care at all about the result. ¬†Also, a full breakdown of the allegations against Bill Cosby. Why a famous, powerful man resorts to drugging women, and why what he is accused of is absolutely 100% a crime. Plus, Last Comic Standing is canceled (again), goodbye to Mike Nichols and Tom Magliozzi, Corey streams some old showson Hulu, Banksy Does New York on HBO, and Sex Tape is (probably) the worst movie of the year. There’s also a nuclear fight over an indie movie that Joel loved and Corey despised. Listen to hear why Corey is wrong (It’s not fair because I wrote this, but Corey is still wrong – Joel).



You don’t have to be a Detroit football fan to get this, but it helps. Full size version here.