It was only five shows ago that Joel and Corey Hall discussed friend John Tenney‘s new show, Paranormal State: The New Class. On this show, John returns to the studio, and the show barely gets discussed! In fact, there’s more on John’s mind, like Robocop getting a statue in Detroit, a computer competing on Jeopardy!, and how he was disappointed in a recent comedy show he attended. He also gets Corey and Joel to fight over integrity, open mike politics, and why Joel – not Corey – is the more qualified to host the show. This is endlessly entertaining to John, and it’s all fueled by the guys’ consumption of the evil beverage Sparks, and it’s twice-as-powerful rival, Tilt, which is sampled in both the green and blue varieties. By the time the cans are tapped, John finally spills the details on the new shows plans, his new podcast, and the real truth behind his mysterious, ever-changing phone number.
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The now empty, heat-bringing, alcoholic beverages. Fuck that green one!