Joel is well rested and joined by both Corey Hall and John Tenney on this week’s show. Joel goes after the documentary Detropia. He finds it a one-sided¬†exploitative¬†look at the city of Detroit, and it has a scene where friend of the show, comedian Steve Bills is humiliated, for no good reason. Corey piles on as he talks of interviewing the director and slamming it to her face. Also, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait talks about Joel, or, erm, Upchuck on a podcast. Hear Bobcat’s hilarious story about performing at The Gathering of the Juggalos, Joel’s corrections to his story, and while Joel never shared this true and funny story on the air before. Plus, Joel’s home video round-up, Detroit’s “best comedian” media scandal, Searching for Sugar Man is overrated, Joel and John love The Fall, Joel can sleep now and the announcement of John’s new podcast – Top Tennys.




That pretty much says it all