Losing a legendary figure who inspired and entertained America is always a tough thing. When it’s an overweight, slurring, ugly professional wrestler you wouldn’t think that would qualify for any kind of tribute, but you’d be wrong. Dusty Rhodes, died this week and Joel and Corey share their memories of one of the great talkers and unique personalities of all time. From his legendary “Hard Times” promo, to unveiling his gorilla, to his incredible TV commentary,┬áDusty was always entertaining and will certainly be missed. There’s tons of other stuff on this show, too, as Joel sees Craig Ferguson live, Jurassic World makes a couple of bucks more than Entourage, and Billy Crystal’s new show is about as funny as you’d expect. Plus, Corey on the Game of Thrones finale, the history of white people wanting to be black, and Netflix’s new show, Grace and Frankie, looks terrible but is still better than Orange Is the New Black.



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