It’s the first ever Corey and Joel ho-off, on the aptly named show 69. Four virgins, three gay men and an amputee – that’s the sexual resume of our first contestant, Cherry Brooklyn. Cherry’s an old friend of Corey, and apparantly banged most of his immediate family in their 15 year history. In the other corner we have Penny. This Jersey girl turned Detroiter has banged comics, dabbled in bi-sexuality and details the downside of anal sex (hemorrhoids!). They’re both talented, too. Listen as Cherry bounces her D-cup jugs while Penny flaps her ass cheeks to obnoxious hip-hop music. The returning Steffanie mainly observes and is much more innocent – just keep her away from Grandma’s blanket. It’s 77 minutes of shots, sex stories, and sin on this show.
Right click here to download – 77 minutes, 31 megs
Cherry Brooklyn creatively holds a shot (left), Penny on right and Steffanie below