This week starts with quick movie review of the Break-Up. Why is Jennifer Aniston’s ass blurry? How did Vince Vaughn get that fat? Then, a huge TV recap, as show veterans Jimmy Pardo and J. Chris Newberg turn up on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Who makes the cut and who hits the skids? The boys hammer the show for the annoying producers, sappy stories, lousy stunt casting and overall phoniness. Of course they’d both cut off a leg to get on. We also update the past winners whereabouts, how John Heffron is a HUGE fan and why Dat Phan is probably riding a bicycle. Then it’s a story of Corey and Russ Brown’s trip to the Comic Book convention where they encountered, dorks with lightsabers, teenage girls in skin tight anime outfits and a mass of z-list celebrities begging for attention. Laugh as they get aroused by a Princess Leia look-a-like and Russ tries to introduce his son to aging porn stars.
Right click here to download – 74 minutes, 30 megs