Direct from L.A., old pal & comedian J. Chris Newberg arrives to discuss the Last Comic Standing experience and his new Hollywood lifestyle. Actually, his voice his so blown out from doing shows, you have to listen close. Chris tries to defend the coronation of Josh Blue on LCS, while the hosts challenge Josh to an arm-wrestling match. Find out the stupid stuff struggling actors will do for a Carl’s Jr. commercial (and $30K). Plus, the behind the scenes wrangling to get John Heffron to appear on show #81. Also, Corey and Joel review World Trade Center, Joel loves pizza (documentaries), Cristina Ricci gets naked, and Flavor Flav is a “tool”. Note: we had technical difficulties in the last half of the show, which led to some noisy interference and other parts having to be edited out. We are sorry.
Right click here to download – 74 minutes, 31 megs