After being maligned and talked about for the last few weeks, our friend and comedian PJ, returns to the show. It gets quite tense, as PJ and Joel recently went on the road together and an argument ensued over the comsuption of “hot mustard sauce” in a moving automobile. Joel thinks it stunk the joint up awful, and PJ thinks Joel is a pussy who can’t eat anything spicy. Corey piles on, as he has been long-critical of Joel’s eating habits, and the argument escalates until someone storms out of the studio. We also read one of our wildest fan letters ever. It’s so outrageous we can’t even say the author’s name on the air but it sure is funny. Plus, PJ and his “sure thing”, Joel hosts a black comedy night, the death pool goes down to the wire, and breast reduction – a crime against humanity. Our first guest makes his best appearance yet. Listen now!
Right click here to download – 75 minutes, 31 megs