It should have been the greatest day in Corey and Joel Radio history. The guys and an all-star panel of comedians gathered to indulge in the annual Death Pool for 2007. For nearly 80 minutes, barbs and one-liners were exchanged. Death was predicted for America’s famous senior citizens and a good time was had by all. It was so fun the show spilled into a near 30-minute bonus feature, equally funny and engaging. Then tragedy struck. Joel, the show’s techie, made one click too many and the whole thing disappeared into the ether. A recovery was attempted, a file was repaired, yet the damage was too much. The Death Pool as we know it was gone. What was recovered can be heard with this link, but be warned – while it is listenable at times, it’s often less comprehendable than Dick Clark.
As a make-up, the guys put together a replacement show using the pristine bonus feature, with the final four draft rounds, as its core and recorded new wrap-arounds describing the whole fiasco. There’s even a sample of the restored show in there, too, if you want to listen before you try the original. Maybe that’s what you get when you wish death upon people. Maybe Joel’s just an idiot. Maybe a little of both. Get the new show and download the official list below. Also send in your fan Death Pool selections to us here. Just follow these instructions on the forum. Feel free to select Joel in your list.
We’re sorry.
Right click here to download – 62 minutes, 30 megs

Click here for the official 2007 Death Pool list