Not that he’s ugly, but comic Russ Brown returns to the show. It’s a big week, too as the Oscars just happened but out-of-touch Russ couldn’t be bothered to watch. Still, Russ gives his thoughts on Joel’s “hots”, “so-sos” and “uglies” from this year’s telecast. Who’s stock fell from the Golden Globes? Who’s rose? Who could haunt a house? Not only was she ugly, but Ellen Degeneres wasn’t funny on the show, either. That leads into a discussion of bad comedy and the guys found Exhibit A in the world of bad, tired, hack stand-up comedy and you’ll hear it all. Also, we discuss the roast preparations and what stuff we want Nils to bring from Germany. We also finally put to rest the “wave” cap controversy from last week. Turns out Joel was right – but he’s still an asshole.
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 37 megs