It’s a hot, summer day so what better to do than play golf and podcast? At least that’s what Corey and announcer Rob Rose had in mind. Now they’re tired and sunburned and attempting to recover with a Buzz Cola. See, The Simpsons Movie promotion has “real” Springfield products for sale at local 7-11s (and in some cases, Kwik-E-Marts). So the guys try some pink sprinkly donuts and Krusty-Os cereal. Is it “Mmmmm” or “Doh!”. Also some thoughts on Holly from show #128, The Transformers invade theaters, kids’ TV memories and Joel gets choked by a wrestler – for real. Rob’s appearances always make for a good show, so listen!
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 37 megs
Corey ran off to Kwik-E-Mart