It was a long time ago when Cass was first in the studio. Back then, she was a 17-year-old who Joel picked up when she ran out of gas on the freeway. Now, she’s back on the eve of her 20th birthday and gives the guys an update. Cass has relocated to the East coast, but doesn’t think that East Boston is the greatest place in the world. Unless you want to get picked up by Puerto Rican guys. She’s also in school and her ultimate career goal is noble one, but surprising for a girl with three tongue piercings. Yes, Cass is even more tattooed and pierced then ever and thinks she might regret it some time, but not now. She also tells tales of fatal car accidents, risqué MySpace photos, underage drinking and the mom that seems to think that all of this is OK. To know her is to love her, so spend some time with Cass.
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 37 megs
One more year and Cass can do more than pose with the bottles