It’s an honor to welcome one of our favorite guests, Steve Sabo, back to the program. Not that Steve’s happy to be back as the guys grill him on this show. See, Steve books a lot of comedy rooms where Corey and Joel perform, only the guys aren’t necessarily happy with the treatment they’re getting. The money stinks, the gigs are far away, and there’s not enough of them! Steve takes the hits and rolls with them, deflecting the blame to hillbilly bar owners, and the economics of comedy. Is it enough to break-up the friendship, or can the guys find some common ground? Also, Aqua Dots are fun, a John Cusack double-feature review and a 12-year-old girl tries comedy on Kid Nation. Update: Steve just booked the 12-year-old.
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 37 megs