A few beers, a fifth of Jack Daniel’s and comedian Bill Hildebrandt usually equals a good time. Bill’s just back from Hawaii, and he’s tan, trim (really!) and ready to shoot the shit. Bill recounts another hell gig with Joel, an idiotic death on the cruise ship, and why really old jokes go over at a roast. If that wasn’t enough, they’re joined by Upchuck the Clown’s delightful pal Andrea the Intern, who when she’s not co-hosting The Funhouse, is interviewing interviewing indie rock bands, getting unusual tattoos and drinking giant cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon. At Bill’s request, Andrea even indulges the guys in a game of “Guess What Color Underwear Andrea is Wearing”, where actual money changes hands and actual underwear is shown – just like the strip club! Also, Corey gets edited, more Leave It to Beaver discussion, and the pee mike (almost) returns.
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Bill gets a taste of Andrea’s tats