It’s now become tradition for the Corey and Joel Radio Show to interview the wild and the wacky at the annual Motor City Pride event in Ferndale, Michigan. So as not repeat themselves, however, they’ve added a new wrinkle – welcoming in third reporter, comedian and show regular, Mike Lundy. Turns out the brotha from Rosedale Park knows little about the gay lifestyle, but does his best to ingratiate himself nonetheless. Mike investigates alcohol use amongst Pride-goers, the Middle Eastern down-low community, gay campgrounds and even meets the legendary Ima Cornholer. You’ll also hear about the mildly offensive “Doggy Drag Show”, where canines have gender issues, and apparently, color issues. In non-gay news, a Death Pool update (yea!), The Incredible Hulk gets reviewed and the sad history of Corey and Joel’s movie screenings.
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Mike makes some new fans
Yes, that’s a dog in a Leatherman’s outfit