After a truncated show #208, the guys return with the longest show ever. You could call it the longest winded show ever, too, as Corey and Joel pick every Oscar winner for 2009. That’s right, you get to hear some “Best Sound Mixing” prognostication on this show. Aren’t you glad podcasts are free? Speaking of podcasts, it’s trip back to 2005, as the guys revisit some of their favorite (and least favorite) podcasters to see how they’re doing in 2009. Seems some are still hanging around, some have done well, and others have vanished into the ether. Hear why Corey and Joel’s predictions of podcasting’s future were pretty much dead-on, why podcasting has both succeeded and failed and why Air Ferg still isn’t funny. Actually, there’s no answer for the last one – sorry, Ferg. And wrap the whole thing up with another pointless political discussion and you get the longest show ever. Enjoy if you can.
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