Joel has been teaching how to be better at stand-up comedy for some time now with his Advanced Comedy Class at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, and he welcomes two former students, Ted Moss and Steve Hansen on to discuss the class, how it has benefited their careers and all things comedy. Joel runs down the topics the class covers and gives tips on writing, performance, business, and other topics. The guys discuss the downsides of comedy contests, how not to get in to a bit, the best place to stand on stage, and why every comedian should run their own show. It’s a funny, informative discussion with good insight for both comedians and comedy fans alike. Also, Joel takes you through his personal Xmas music playlist including some little-known gems and some awful, cringe-inducing selections that he’s not embarrassed to like anyway. Plus, Joel tries to rationalize watching Warcraft, Tickled is a documentary that will make you uncomfortable, and Netflix launches two new series, a return of the Mythbusters on The White Rabbit Project, and the incredible, must-watch, documentary series, Captive.


The very funny Steve and Ted still glowing form their appearance on Joel Radio