Joel takes a Covid-19 vaccine trial and talks all about it on this show. He documents his journey to getting into the trial, the side effects he felt after the shot, the possibility of getting a placebo, how it affects a possible future vaccine mandate and much more. Should you get the vaccine yourself? Joel has a definite opinion on the subject – don’t miss this show! Plus, Joel’s girlfriend Layla returns to co-host and why Covid made that a necessity. And there’s a giant TV and movie rundown including the incredible Wayne on Amazon Prime, HBO’s incredible slate of The Flight Attendant, Murder on Middle Beach, Baby God, The Undoing, and much more. Plus, Happiest Season proves Christmas with lesbians is not as fun as it sounds, Joel has problems with The Comedy Store documentary, and how to explain Frank Zappa to a millennial in 2020.

Joel moments after he got the vaccine, or the placebo. Nobody knows!