Joel hasn’t reveled in a celebrity death for a while, but he’s not missing out on dumping on Larry King, one of the most famous and absolutely worst interviewers in history. Joel tells you how Larry didn’t prepare at all, and had no follow up questions for his guests and generally sucked at his job. Joel also details how Larry reveled in his callers’ geography, hit on old starlets, and was divorced multiple times including recently when he was in his 80s! He also uncorks his Larry King impression – “Dubuque, Iowa, you’re on the air!” – much to the dismay of Layla who sits in on this episode. Turns out Layla got the COVID vaccine and tells how she’s doing as do many of Joel’s family and friends who check in as they’ve had their shots. Spoiler warning! They are all just fine. Plus, tons of movie and TV reviews including One Night in Miami, the amazing In & Of Itself, WandaVision, the creepy Relic, the fun parlor game of The Hustle, and the documentary that should have been called Tiger Woods vs The Booty Bitches.