Joel rarely talks about Pro Wrestling on this show, but he has a long history with it as a fan and as a ring announcer, and he shares some of those stories on this week’s show. He’s joined in this by Chicago-area and JCW wrestling legend Vito Thomaselli, who hadn’t seen or talked to Joel in over twelve years! Vito’s got a lot going on now like appearing on WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures on A&E recently, and his own animated wrestling TV show, The Carnies. Vito and Joel talk what it’s like to work for the notorious Violent J of Insane Clown Posse, Joel shares his memories of his first ever wrestling show he attended in 1985, and much, much more. It’s good talk! Enjoy! Also, Joel gives his solo reviews of McCartney 3,2,1, the excellent Clarkson’s Farm, the Detroit-lensed No Sudden Move, and enjoys the problems of white people on The White Lotus.

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Top Dolla, Vito Tomaselli, and the legendary Booker T make a deal on A&E