Everbody’s favorite, Bill Bushart returns to spar with the guys on show 74. First, Bill pimps his sister-in-law to Corey, and proposes a completely nude show. Will the guys agree? Then learn about Bill’s upcoming gigs and find out why moving up the comedy ladder pays little or no money. Ponder the pure suck of Last Comic Standing and find out how to help one of our own advance. Also answered are other comedy questions like does being a badass mean Joe Rogan’s not funny anymore? How awful will the Rosie O’Donnell View be? How bad was the Facts of Life? Also, America’s World Cup failure, Bill’s Death Pool failure, Joel’s “big announcement”, movie studios snub Corey, gay showtunes and the juggalo lifestyle.
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 33 megs