This episode features the return of the great Mike Lundy to share with us some secret hood wisdom. Enjoy as he explains important stuff like what it means when you’re “riding dirty” and the proper pronunciation of “Chamillionaire”. We introduce Mike to that cracker classic “Hee Haw”, with it’s dumb blondes, old yokels and a cast of thousands. Just how many how many hillbillies does it take to make a TV show? Later, Mike accuses Joel of “cake baking” when he leaves the studio to take a call; quick to sell out his friends for a piece of ass. Also, Corey reviews Talladega Nights, find out what the difference is between a porn “feature” and a “gonzo”, and why black people love Styx.
Right click here to download – 76 minutes, 32 megs
Mike gets down with Buck Owens and Roy Clark on Hee Haw