This week’s show opens with a bitter argument between the hosts. Joel appeared at Detroit’s biggest comedy show over the weekend and would like to discuss it. Corey, who wasn’t at the show, hates the rest of the bill and accuses Joel of being a phony for not piling on. Soon it’s referendum on Joel being a fake or not (and Corey being an asshole or not). But everybody hates Rachael Ray. The uber-perky TV cook, got her own daytime talk show, and Corey and Joel find it as appealing as a dental appointment. Listen in as she tells inane stories, kisses Oprah’s ass, and basically offends anyone who’s ever loved good television. Did you know Rachael has a foosball table on her set? That the artwork on the walls was sent in by children and changes everyday? That her stove was found on eBay (even thought it was provided by a sponsor)? Stop vomiting and listen.
Right click here to download – 76 minutes, 30 megs