The summer-long mystery of what happened to Joel’s girlfriend is answered on this show. It’s a tale of heartbreak and reconciliation, both sad and sweet. Joel comes clean about being single for the first time in a long time, and why you never ever date a girl in college. This emotional moment is completely ruined by Corey’s insults, heckles and audio clips, making a mockery of the moment. Corey also owns up to juggling girlfriends, whose identities are as closely guarded as Fort Knox. Also, a fall TV review (so far), listener emails, celebrity porn tapes we’d like to see, and a musical showdown between indie rock and underground rap that’s sure to divide the audience. Plus, the question the world’s waiting to have answered – what’s a macaca? Note: any audio interference or strange noises you may hear on this show are our fault and not the fault of your player.
Right click here to download – 78 minutes, 32 megs