Everyone’s favorite feature is back, it’s the Death Pool draft for 2008! And this year, Joel didn’t mess up the recording. There’s a new panel too, with announcer Rob Rose, comic Tim Walsh and Corey’s goomah, Amy. Hear them pick which celebrities are going to die in 2008. Hear the hilarity as Tim picks someone already dead – or is she? How many pro wrestlers get picked? Does Corey hold on to Dick Clark for another year? Does Soupy Sales’ vim and vigor taunt Joel in the middle of the night? Are there any other old First Ladies for Amy to pick? It’s sixteen rounds of mean-spirited strategy, fun and laughter. Also, sign up for the mailing list to get an additional thirty minutes of show with the last five rounds of draft and lots of funny analysis – a must listen.
Right click here to download – 75 minutes, 35 megs
Spoilers ahead! – Download the complete printable PDF list of this years draft by clicking right here