Most comedians aren’t rich. They work for little money most of the time, and sometimes even perform for free. Then there’s Jay Leno, who’s actually a rich comedian – and he’s performing for free, in Detroit anyway. It seems Leno wants to do a free show in Detroit to pay back the unemployed auto workers for their hard work assembling the vehicles that now sit in Jay’s massive car collection in L.A. It’s a nice gesture, but Detroit’s long history of racial politics is getting in the way and Corey breaks down the whole ridiculous history of the Detroit city council, the suburbs vs the city feud and how it’s amazing that black people are now claiming to be Jay Leno fans. Later, comedian Mike Green calls in. Mike’s attempting to get comedians (who aren’t Leno) to stick together to get better treatment from club owners and bookers, only to have some guys roll over and accept the peanuts they’re thrown. Should Joel join the cause? Listen and make up your own mind. Also, Dancing With the Stars vs American Idol – what’s more gay?, Corey’s movie roundup and much more in this jam-packed show.
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