Though he’s late to the party, Joel finally dives in to the wild, wacky pool that is Chat Roulette. While expecting to find weirdos pleasing themselves, and he did, Joel actually met giggly girls from foreign countries, a shirtless gay man who made a pass at him, and one guy who found everything Joel said hilarious (we’re not sure if he spoke English or not). But best of all was a 14-year-old brat from England who rattles a string of insults about Joel’s weight and appearance that’s nothing short of heart warming. Who says there’s no love in the world – a world where a teenager can call a complete stranger a “fat shit” dozens and dozens of times all while knowingly being recorded for radio. It’s a hilarious exchange, one of the funniest in show history, so put the headphones on if you’re listening at work and enjoy! Also, the summer box office tanks, ModNation Racers gets reviewed, and Harry Artin calls in with a plug for what may be a very weird show, and guess what – Joel’s on the bill.
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Clockwise from top left: The German frauleins, Mr. Laughing guy, the giggly Brazilians and Joel’s buff, shirtless, smoking suitor.