Harry Artin (or whatever he’s calling himself these days) ruined this episode of Joel Radio. He wasn’t alone in this, as Corey Hall wasn’t there – his reason should make for a funny story whenever we get it – but most of the blame goes to Joel himself. Joel believed he could center the show around Harry’s hard luck stories of show business failure. He was doing pretty good with this theory until Harry got a phone call (apparently from a big-deal connection to his newest endeavor), got up and left the studio! Despite his saying it would be five minutes, Harry never returned! And Corey, who promised a review of the new Spider-Man movie, never checked in on the phone! Joel was left all alone, not having prepared for a solo show. Still, Joel got to do his top movies of 2012 (so far), gave a review to the surprisingly funny Ted, ran down a list of what worked in recent TV, and generally acted confused, unprepared and irritated. Still, some of you may be happy that you got less Harry than was planned! So to you guys, you’re welcome – and to everyone else – we’re sorry. We’re really, really sorry.