Controvery and conspiracy rule the day on this episode of Joel Radio. Exhibit A: Mexican Coke tastes better and is better for you than American Coke, and now that they’re removing the cane sugar from Mexicoke it won’t taste as good. Was it even any different? Joel and Corey do a double bind taste test to prove if they can even tell. And it’s an interesting result, too! One tastes better, but it may not be for the reasons you think. Also, morons on Facebook claim that 9-11 was an inside job and that the LAX shooting was a set-up. Their proof, an unknown web news site posting YouTube videos of “crisis actors” spinning the story for the government’s gains. And, they’re the same guy! Except they’re not, says Joel and Corey who are blessed with the amazing ability to tell human beings apart. The guys also answer an almost-as-important question, does Corey have dreamy eyes? If not than him, than who who does and how gay can a conversation sound between two straight men? Listen and find out. Plus, Toronto’s mayor smokes crack, the new Johnny Carson book is awesome, and all these years later the guys would still bang Monica Lewinsky.