When you take live phone calls anything can happen. Like on this show, Joel agreed to do a road gig – within minutes of going off an a particular road gig in an epic, caffeine-fueled meltdown. You’ll hear it here as Joel and Corey Hall take a call from comedian Bill Bushart who plugs an upcoming show that Joel had performed at multiple times in the past. Joel goes off on the venue, the management and the booking agents like never before on the show. This is something to hear. Corey shares his memories of some bad rooms and then Bill Hildebrandt, Joel’s mentor in comedy, calls to ask him to be his opening act for a show in January. It’s a perfect storm of irony and it all goes down on this show. Also, The Problem with Apu, is a well-made, rational, convincing, documentary that shows why nobody can take a joke anymore. Hear why some of America’s best known comics have turned on a comedy institution, The Simpsons, and why Joel and Corey think they’re wrong. Plus, a Star Wars: The Last Jedi preview including this podcasts’ review plans, Matt Lauer is the creep of the week, Netflix’s Voyeur documentary is worth a look, Rob Schneider was actually funny, and find out what happens when Marc Maron comes to the Comedy Castle – it’s no big deal apparently, and it wasn’t.


The comedy stage awaits Joel. This is not a photo from the average road gig, though.