Joel re-assembles the Jedi Council of reviewers to talk about the new Star Wars film on opening night. Listen as Joel, Corey Hall, Josh Bowab, and Ellen Stachowicz break down the newest installment talking what worked and what didn’t, the direction the films in the future, some odd casting decisions and the influx of cuddly new animals. Is this as good as The Force Awakens? The Original Trilogy? Is this the Han Solo of Star Wars Films, the Jar Jar Binks or something in-between? The first part is spoiler-free so don’t worry if you haven’t seen it yet. You’ll hear the warnings when it happens, so listen to the first on the way to the movie and the second part on the way home. Or throw in an earbud and listen during the show – you won’t have to hear Benecio del Toro! May the Force Be With You for listening to this one!


Joel, Josh, Ellen and Corey pose with a Stormtrooper – maybe it’s Finn!