So many celebrities died in the last two weeks that it inspired Joel to come up with a new game to cover all the obituaries – The Hat of Death. Joel Corey Hall, and comedian Sal Demilio pull names of dead celebrities out of a hat and give instant, improvised, non-researched eulogies to the likes of R. Lee Ermy, Barbara Bush and Harry Anderson. And not to give him short-shrift, Mini-Me Verne Troyer died, too, giving delight to this podcast’s hosts and listeners alike. The guys also mourn the loss of Bruno Sammartino, try to figure out who Avicii was, and wonder who was the most bangable First Lady in US history. Also, the Elvis Presley documentary on HBO is good, but seems incomplete, Andre the Giant’s documentary is also fun and you’ll hear Joel’s memory of seeing Andre wrestle live. Plus the classic episode of the week takes us back to November 2006, for no good reason whatsoever.


Verne Troyer pictured (with some small additions)