Kanye West went crazy this past week, but Joel think that’s another day for him. Corey Hall disagrees and solicits the aid of comedian Jeff Horste, who calls in to tell us what he thinks as he grew up in Southfield, an ethnically mixed neighborhood, with a bad mustache. Jeff shares his thoughts on the hip-hop legend and shares stories of his newfound success working with Kevin Hart and filming a Comedy Central special in Los Angeles. Also, Jeff tells us about having a sex toy thrown at him onstage last week – you’ve made it now, Jeff! Plus, Mitzi Shore’s belated obituary, Avengers: Infinity War gets reviewed and find out which Marvel films you should really see first, Joel reviews Blockers and The Greatest Showman, Conan goes to thirty minutes, and the White House Correspondents Dinner should probably go away for good.


Photo was embellished for comedic effect, but you get the idea