The world is so weird right now, and as a guy who likes to tell the truth Joel is here to say nobody knows anything. Not the doctors, the scientists, especially not the politicians. Everybody’s guessing, and Joel is, too. He chats with comedian Kevin Kramis who “won” the right to mow his, and other’s, lawns. Kevin says why he stopped live streaming comedy, how he’s being taken care by unemployment and his new hobby to fill the time. Later, girlfriend and viewing companion, Layla joins Corey Hall and Joel to discuss good the things to watch during the lockdown, which may include, Bad Education on HBO, My Spy, Banana Split, Little Fires Everywhere, After Life, Fleabag and more. It’s getting so bad – Corey actually enjoyed Little Caesar’s Pizza. Let’s all pray for this to end.

Somebody make a chart showing how charts are way up in 2020