It’s another week of lockdown and Joel has watched a million different movies and TV shows and checks in with reviews. Actually, there some things even he, or phone-in guest Corey Hall, refuse to watch, including a new David Spade film on Netflix that looks like the worst thing ever. He’s pushing sixty years old, and Spade still hes acting like a teenager, being too good for the 20-years-his-junior woman that is by any standard attractive. Speaking of attractiveness, Joel details the real crime being done to actresses in Dead To Me Season 2 , and he knows he sounds like a dick doing it. Also, girlfriend Layla, sits in to review Upload, Magic For Humans, Normal People, Hollywood, a belated watch of The Morning Show, and much more. Plus, movie reviews of an 80s classic no one wanted, and the incredible My Dad Is a Heel Wrestler. It’s the best! Plus, Joel talks on Zoom here and here. How’s his background?

Before he was a “Heel Wrestler” Tanahashi was Joel’s friend. Photo by Corey!