As technology moves forward, some move with it and some stay behind. On this show we have Joel embracing the convenience and simplicity of the new Kindle e-reader, and Corey Hall bemoaning the loss of the smell of paper and minimum wage bookstore jobs. Joel thinks Corey would want a Kindle if he tried it, but there’s no budging internet radio’s #1 curmudgeon (we don’t see Andy Rooney going the podcast route anytime soon). Hear the debate, Joel’s less-than-highbrow reading list, and decide for yourself. Also, the phoniness of reality TV revealed – we’re lookin’ at you Pawn Stars! – from a practical perspective, including Joel’s own experiences on a similar show. Plus, the continual outrage over the new Family Feud, the asshole animal lover from Ohio, Detroit’s best tourist attractions, guys hate Karaoke, and Corey’s movie suggestion almost ruins Joel’s love life.

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