What should have been a Valentine’s Day “double date” was ruined by a massive snow storm, so it’s just Joel, Corey and his GF Amy on this week’s show. Not that there’s a lot of love to go around, as the big snow brings up another global warming debate. Is Corey just a liberal paranoid or is Joel a conservative apologist? Why is Mars getting warmer? Why did the dinosaurs die? Speaking of dead, what happened to Anna Nicole Smith? And find out why you shouldn’t share a meal with Howard K. Stern. Also, listener confusion as to which host is which, and who’ll play the roles in the Corey and Joel movie. Plus, we still hate Lost (and Norbit), Joel narrowly avoids sex with a fat girl, and who’s thinner Corey or Joel?
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Amy attempts to figure out the real Corey, is he above or below?