The review of 2012 is complete with Joel and Corey’s list of their most loved and loathed films of 2012. While it’s not completely harmonious, the guys largely agree on the best and the worst – Argo, Looper, The Queen of Versailles, The Dark Knight Rises, Jeff Who Lives at Home (not saying what category they fall in to) – there are a few spots of conflict. Prometheus is a hot spot with Joel admiring it as modern sci-fi monster movie and Corey thinking it’s a brain-dead retread. Joel, meanwhile, found Zero Dark Thirty a plodding version of the get Osama bin Laden story where Corey had it among his very best. They also each had a superhero flick in their top picks, but not the same one and Joel’s pick will surprise people. Plus, the worst list is always fun, featuring a comedy with “anti-humor”, non-actors acting, old people romancing, and indie movie ineptitude. And find out which director has the rare accomplishment of having two film mentioned, one each on Joel’s best-of and worst-of lists.