Joel Radio proudly hosts some of Detroit’s best veteran comedians for a memorable “Old Guys” roundtable, featuring Tim Rowlands, Jef Brannan, and Billy Ray Bauer. The guys are promoting an upcoming benefit show for Tim’s son’s Eagle Scout project – and if you could earn a badge for sitting around telling comedy road stories Joel and the guys would earn one on this show. Among the topics, the good old days of making $1000 a week, the difference between young comedians and veterans, and why the business is going to more private and charity shows – and why that may be a good thing. Also, hilarious stories of Billy Ray vs a moose, Tim sleeping in the club owner’s garage, Jef losing his paycheck at the blackjack table (and getting it back, so he says), and young comedian Joel seduced and nearly bedded by a famous female comedian. Plus, don’t make fun of the drunken, inbred Indians (erm, Native Americans), don’t make fun of the comedy club’s PA system, and don’t bring your “B”-level jokes to the “A” room. This show is both an education and good time, as will be the show this weekend, so do your part and come see some of the funniest guys ever on one stage for one night.



Here’s a flyer for the benefit. All these guys wouldn’t fit in the studio!