In their final look back at 2013, Joel and Corey Hall look back at the best and worst films of 2013. The guys review over 70 movies in this marathon show, include their personal favorite fifteen films of the year, their honorable mentions, and Joel’s personal list of thirteen documentaries to see. There’s some disputes, of course, most notably about American Hustle, which is either inventive and fun or a bad ’70s-themed cocktail party, depending on who you choose to believe. Also, hear why Philomena is actually not a movie for old ladies, how Nebraska director Alexander Payne made a great movie despite the presence of MacGruber, and the totally obvious reasons why a three-hour foreign lesbian romance is one of the year’s best. Plus, Joel tries to not ruin a film’s shocking twist, Sylvester Stallone needs a new soundtrack, and, even though they told you before, Room 237 still sucks.



This is a still from Blue is the Warmest Color. Hard to believe Corey liked this.