There’s a lot of weird stuff in the news lately. From Chaz Bono becoming a man, to Sammy Sosa becoming a white man, there’s just a lot of weird stuff going on. And who better to discuss it, than the weirdest guy of all, Harry Artin. Harry loved Michael Jackson’s movie, hates Carrie Prejan, and loves both a cleansing fast diet and eating multiple burgers in one night. Both Joel and Harry are repulsed by the chimp attack victim’s new face, and how a guy died after filming Wipeout. Also, Harry goes to Hallowicked, his obnoxious celebrity encounter that took place there and why Upchuck needed security. Plus, Joel goes north for work, Harry’s YouTube is funny, and Bratz Dolls vs Taylor Swift – who’s hotter?
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Harry at Hallowicked, right before he banged Desiree (in his dreams!)