It’s the last Joel Radio for a couple of weeks, but it’s a doozy as Corey returns for nearly two jam-packed hours of fun. The big news is a full review of Carrot Top’s recent Detroit-area show. Hey, I know you’re thinking Joel didn’t like the show, but the truth is, he really didn’t like it, and not for the reasons you might think. But the bad comedy doesn’t stop there, as TLC’s the “Little Couple” had the little husband try his tiny hand at stand-up. Hear the whole thing with jaded Corey and Joel commentary, and the guys riff on basic cable reality shows, trying to figure out exactly which channels have the baking show, the midget show, and the midget baking show – they’re all different channels! Also, tons of summer movie reviews including Corey’s take on The Other Guys, while Joel reviews Micmacs and thinks the Kids are All Right, but not Oscar-worthy. Plus, what happened to Clive Owen, Corey hates Big Brother, and Jackie Gleason parties like a rock (jazz) star.
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