Joel and Corey have completed their 2011 re-cap shows with a list of the best (or more accurately, their favorite) films of 2011. While Joel admits his list isn’t comprehensive, he manages to throw in a few oddball documentaries from cable, while Corey’s likes are in tune with the critical mass for the most part. There’s a few exceptions that won’t get spoiled here, like a British comedian’s vanity project that Corey loved and Joel’s affection for CGI primates that isn’t shared by his co-host. Still, there’s a lot they agreed on, both foreign, domestic, documentary and occasionally weird, so this is turns out to be a pleasant¬† Netflix queue-filling discussion from a couple of film-loving nerds. Of course, there’s hate, too, as Corey still wants Adam Sandler dead, and Joel thinks someone should’ve stopped Conan O’Brien. There’s also no love for Smurfs, Chipmunks, Idiot Brothers or Russell Brand And only one host picked a comic book movie as one of his faves. Wanna guess? Wrong.

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If only The Trip was this interesting