Detroit is a wonderful place to live – if you’re in the city’s government. More than a couple of our former leaders are in jail, some awaiting trial, etc. It’s a dirtier city than the Atlantic City in Boardwalk Empire. Everyone’s on the take and the residents are poor and suffering. Thank the imaginary deity then, that we have Charlie LeDuff, a bizarre, homeless-looking, straight talking reporter with the on-air skills of a freshman broadcasting student. Still, Joel and Corey love Charlie LeDuff, and this weeks report is a doozy – you’ll hear it on the show, but it’s embedded here, too. It’s example 1A of a non-traditional broadcaster going beyond boundaries of what’s accepted and the media better off for it (speaking of that, can we get Joel and Corey on the radio?). Anyway, it’s a busy week, as Penn State’s boy-touching scandal explodes the campus, Adam Sandler releases Jack and Jill – the worst movie ever (according to Corey), and Joel suffers an insufferably stupid injury. Plus, wrestlers vs comedians – who’s the bigger scumbags?, the Chinese love KFC and the history of Joel’s neighbors – the worst ever.

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Now watch the great Charlie LeDuff from Fox 2 Detroit get the government bad guys!

Charlie LeDuff Takes a Look at Charles Pugh’s Political Finances: