In a Joel Radio first, the show goes on the road to Northern Michigan. That’s Gaylord, Michigan, to be more precise, and the Quality Inn to be even more exact. Joel and Steve Sabo are in Gaylord for a comedy show, so the guys took some time to discuss that night’s show and a bunch of other fun stuff. The guys discuss the odd characters at the comedy show, Sabo grades Joel’s performance (it’s low!), and Sabo admits to his checkered past – as an impressionist. Plus, a rundown of UFC 105 and a preview of UFC 106, looking for porn in a hotel room, and Jay Leno meets Christian Slater and you are there. If you ever wondered what comics do on the road after a show, wonder no more.
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Quaility Inn Sign.jpg
Not the actual Quality Inn in Gaylord, this one is much nicer, it has a Denny’s