Joel Radio presents a contrast in comedy careers as Kevin Kramis, a veteran comedian, sports announcer and the former voice of the Michigan State Fair shares road stories and dispenses advice to Joel and Sophia Spagnuolo, a young comic with only a handful of shows and some improv experience under her belt. Kevin shares how he got started in the business, how he became the voice of the fair, and how comics are often stuck staying in the “comedy condo” or in the club owner’s garage! ¬†Sophia tells of her burning desire to do comedy and how she met Joel in the most Millennial way ever – on a podcast. It’s a fun conversation that should inspire up-and-coming comedians and inspire others to never, ever even attempt a career in comedy. Also, Joel explains why Trump hysteria flies in the face of our system of government, why it seems like there’s so much bad news today, and how American politics has turned into College Gameday. Plus, Joel gears up for the Oscars by watching the awful Martin Scorcese-directed Silence, the overrated Moonlight, the dull-as-dust Loving, and has half-dozen other depressing, no-fun movies to watch in the next month. This is a good, fun, long listen which should kill some time as you wait for your immigration papers to clear.


Sophia, Joel and Kevin sitting exactly as they did while recording the show