Taste in music is subjective – except on this episode of Joel Radio, where Joel and his buddies do a March Madness-style playoff bracket to decide who really is the best act in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The panel consists of Joel, Corey Hall, and a returning Bill Hildebrandt, a comic who also worked as a recording engineer in the 60s and 70s. Joel worked hard creating the brackets, seeding all the acts and whittling them down from a list of almost 200 acts to just sixty-four for the tournament. The guys then fill out their individual brackets before making a final, group decision listening to each act’s best song and deciding the merits of each. Corey hates metal and blue collar rock. Bill has never hear of “that guy” Public Enemy. Joel has never smoked enough pot to enjoy Pink Floyd. The debates fly fast as Joel considers Dylan a genius but the Stones merely great. Bill can’t believe The Animals are better than The Eagles, and wonders why Journey aren’t in the Hall. Corey has never roofed a house, so he can’t enjoy Van Halen. No one understands the appeal of Fleetwood Mac, but they know there’s fans out there. It’s a great, funny debate, sprinkled with trivia, like how the organ got so prominent on “Like a Rolling Stone” and why Little Richard might actually be more dangerous than Guns N’ Roses. It all comes down to a Final Four that is probably to be expected but at the same time leaves no one happy. Download a a copy of the brackets for yourself and play along! Also, the guys say goodbye to comedy legend David Brenner and wonder why he was even considered a legend to begin with. Plus, movie reviews of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Tim’s Vermeer, both recommended and playing at an art-house cinema near you.




Who is Rock’s all-time greatest act? Listen and play along yourself! Click the image to download and print the brackets