The Sopranos series finale has America talking and has C&J pissed off. Now, after eight years of intense drama we can reveal the Sopranos shocking final revelation – Meadow can’t parallel park. Oh, and Tony likes onion rings. The abrupt, non surprise ending left many fans outraged and ready to cancel HBO, but Corey thinks critics might have missed the point. Joel thinks Corey’s just being a dick again. Meanwhile, there’s major death pool action. What celebs are clinging to life, and what death pool players are clinging to hope of a victory? Also, is David Copperfield gay? Are any magicians straight? Can you make a battery out of a potato? What’s that in Mr. Wizards pants? Corey explains the trouble with stupid kids ruining World of Warcraft and there’s an extra dorky discussion of the finer points of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Finally, a fan gets has his dream come tru as Corey and Joel record his answering machine message. He’ll probably regret that request.
Right click here to download – 80 minutes, 37 megs