This week, Corey Hall gives his review of The Avengers, a movie so long in the making that the twelve-year-olds who really wanted to see this movie are now in their mid-thirties. Still, Corey is enthusiastic, while Joel feels that the general public isn’t really feeling this film, but it’ll make $200 million on opening weekend and about three-hundred bucks after that. Speaking of juvenile movies, the guys see Aardman’s Pirate movie (it’s OK), and Joel thinks Disney’s Chimpanzee is a collision of state-of-the-art visuals and cliched animated film narration – a near miss at a classic. Also, Dick Clark finally dies, Levon Helm sadly dies, and Mike Wallce dies as he lived – an asshole. Plus, HBO’s Girls is not for guys, Corey suffers through Law & Order, and Joel finally sees Bruce Springsteen after a twenty-five year wait.

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Detroit radio host Mike Stone sings along with Bruce in Cleveland. It’s only douchey if its caught on film